NIX Solutions: It’s OK Not All URLs Are Indexed

Many SEOs keep track of the number of pages on a site that Google has indexed and those that, for some reason, are not indexed. Usually, when the percentage of unindexed pages is too high, this is a cause for concern.

NIX Solutions

“Should I be concerned about this? And what percentage should you aim for?” – One of the webmasters addressed John Muller on Twitter with this question.

The Google representative replied that there is no set percentage or threshold, and that it is normal that not all URLs are indexed on the site.

“That’s why it’s important to make it easy for users to navigate your site so they can easily get to the pages they’re looking for,” Muller said.

NIX Solutions reminds that the issue of a large number of pages that are not included in the Google index is not raised for the first time. Last summer, Mueller stated that it was normal for 20% of a site’s pages not to be indexed. In February 2022, at a webmaster hangout, he confirmed that the search engine was not indexing all of the site’s pages:

“We do not crawl or index all pages. And this is quite a normal situation for every site when we do not index everything.”

He also added that instead of leaving things as they are and just waiting, it’s better to keep working on the site and improve its quality. This is necessary so that Google systems can see that it makes sense to crawl and index this resource, says SearchEngines. Then, over time, more content will get into the index.