NIX Solutions: Opera GX Introduces ‘Fake History’ – A Privacy Shield for Users

A Discreet Privacy Solution

Addressed to gamers, the Opera GX browser has introduced a new “Fake History” feature, providing a discreet privacy solution for users. This feature replaces the real browser history with a fake one after a period of two weeks of inactivity or in the unfortunate event of the user’s demise.NIX Solutions

The function operates seamlessly, requiring no extra effort from the user. They continue to visit their familiar online resources, and if there’s no activity for 14 consecutive days, Opera GX initiates a “reasonable” assumption that something extraordinary might have occurred or the user has switched to another browser. As a “parting gift,” the program replaces the browsing history with a fictional, yet respectable, version.

Crafting a Positive Online Image

Upon activation, the revised browsing history showcases the user in a favorable light, presenting a more positive online image, notes NIX Solutions. Anyone curious enough to study the browser history will perceive the user from their best side. The fabricated history may include visits to web search services for queries related to volunteer movements, personal growth courses, or ways to promote electoral activity among neighbors.

To access the “Fake History” feature, users can simply press the “Redeem My Soul” button on the browsing history page. Additionally, an alternative option allows for immediate activation with the “Pretend I’m already dead” button, bypassing the standard 14-day waiting period.