NIXsolutions: Mozilla Monitor Introduces Subscription for Enhanced Data Protection

The Mozilla Monitor service, previously known as Firefox Monitor, has unveiled a new subscription plan, Monitor Plus, to enhance user data protection. This paid subscription guarantees continuous monitoring of personal information, coupled with automatic removal from data broker sites. Mozilla positions this as an all-encompassing solution, providing users with a universal tool for safeguarding their online security.

Streamlined Data Removal Process:

The current procedure for erasing information from platforms selling user data is often convoluted and time-consuming. Mozilla Monitor simplifies this process by actively scanning 190 well-known data broker sites. Recognizing the challenges users face in identifying and removing their personal information, the service initiates requests on behalf of the user. This includes details like name, date of birth, location, and phone number. The removal process may take anywhere from one day to a month, according to the company.

Monitor Plus Subscription Details:

The newly introduced Monitor Plus subscription is priced at $13.99 per month, with a discounted rate of $8.99 when opting for an annual payment ($107.88). Subscribers benefit from the automated removal service, ensuring a hassle-free experience in managing and securing their personal information.

Accessible Features for All Users:

While Monitor Plus offers a premium automated service, all users, whether on the free or paid plan, can still scan data broker sites for potential threats. However, manual deletion of information is required for free users. Both categories of users, free and paid, will continue to receive email alerts about potential data breaches and will be equipped with tools to address any identified issues, notes NIXsolutions.

Originally launched in 2018, Firefox Monitor has assisted 10 million users across 237 countries in safeguarding their data from potential leaks. Additionally, it has seamlessly integrated with the browser’s password manager, Lockwise, alerting users to compromised passwords in the event of a data breach.