NIXSolutions: MSEdgeTweaker Script Disables Unwanted Edge Features

Developer Bob Pony has published a small MSEdgeTweaker script on GitHub, designed to disable certain functions of the Edge browser. This script aims to help users who are frustrated with advertising, the imposition of a Microsoft account, and other standard application features.


Features of the MSEdgeTweaker Script

The script, compiled into a .bat file, modifies specific lines in the OS registry. Although these changes can be done manually, the script automates the process, significantly speeding it up. Once run as an administrator, it disables the following browser functions:

  • Advertising window when you first launch Edge
  • Offer to import data from other web browsers
  • Sync Service
  • Collections feature
  • Side panel
  • Shopping assistant
  • Sponsored links on the new tab page

The developer notes that future versions of the script will include the ability to remove Edge from the operating system. However, the current version has a drawback: the changes it makes can only be undone manually by editing the registry. To identify the necessary lines for reversal, users can open the script in Notepad. Additionally, after applying the changes, the browser notifies the user that it is under the external control of the system administrator.

Future Updates and Availability

Bob Pony’s MSEdgeTweaker script is an ongoing project with plans for further enhancements, adds NIXsolutions. We’ll keep you updated on any new features and improvements. For those interested in exploring or using the script, it is available in the developer’s repository on GitHub. Users can review and download it directly from there.

You can view the script in the developer’s repository on GitHub.