NIXsolutions: Mozilla Firefox 128 Gets Key Bug Fix and New Features

The stable version of Mozilla Firefox 128 browser is now available for download. While not revolutionary, it is notable for correcting a bug that was first documented 25 years ago. This long-standing issue involved the TEXTAREA element (input field), where incorrect use of the ROWS and COLS (number of rows and columns) attributes resulted in wasted space due to scroll bars. This bug was added to the bug tracker 25 years ago and has now been fixed.


Enhanced Privacy and User Interface Features

Other new features in Firefox 128 include the ability to play protected content in private browsing windows. Additionally, when you hover over a defocused tab, a window with a preview of its appearance will now appear. The window for clearing user data has also changed: users can now delete history, cookies, site settings, data, and cache in just a few clicks.

A new feature, “Show Top Search Suggestions,” has been added. After activating it, users will see popular Google search queries in the address bar when searching. This option can be enabled in the “Search” column of the main settings. Another new feature is the “Website Advertising Settings.” This allows site administrators to receive anonymized information about how their advertising is performing. Users can disable or enable this feature in the privacy settings.

For developers, Firefox 128 includes several new features such as native rendering of more text/* file types, CSS relative color enabled by default, alt text support for CSS content, DNS proxying in SOCKS v5 mode, and support for the “image/jxl” MIME type in the default header for image queries and JPEG-XL images (experimental feature), adds NIXsolutions.

We’ll keep you updated with any further developments and improvements in future versions of Mozilla Firefox.