NIX Solutions: Mobile-First Indexing Status

Google employee John Mueller spoke about the company’s plans for mobile-first indexing. This post was published on the official blog for webmasters.

NIX Solutions

Mueller recalled that Google planned to complete the transition to the new type of indexing in March this year, but after analyzing the sites that have not yet been translated, the company’s employees saw that they were not yet ready to switch for various reasons. Due to these difficulties, Google decided to no longer set specific deadlines for the final steps to implement mobile-first indexing and leave the deadline open, says SearchEngines.

Search Console has two ways to check if a site is mobile-first indexed: this status is shown on the Settings page and in the URL Checker tool.

Those sites that have not yet switched to the new type of indexing do not need to do anything: Google will continue to crawl and index them using the mobile Googlebot.

For sites that have not yet been translated, Mueller advises adhering to the Mobile Content Indexing Guidelines.

Google is working to gradually move the remaining sites to mobile-first indexing.

If the site has different versions for mobile and desktop devices, then after the transfer to mobile-first indexing, changes in the SERP are possible. If the site has the same content in both versions, then its presentation in the search will remain the same, reports NIX Solutions.

Those sites that have not yet switched to mobile-first indexing, but have already solved all the problems in this area, do not need to take any additional actions. Over time, when Google sees their readiness, they will be translated.

Summing up, Mueller again emphasized that Google now has no specific date for the final transition to mobile-first indexing.