NIX Solutions: Microsoft to Prohibit Setting up Edge on Non-Activated Windows 11

Users testing Microsoft Edge on non-activated versions of Windows 11 have reported a loss of access to browser settings. It appears this move is aimed at nudging users towards activating their operating system.

NIX Solutions

Implications of Microsoft’s Strategy

Microsoft permits the use of non-activated Windows 11 but imposes certain restrictions. Blocking Edge browser settings seems to be one of these restrictions. This seems experimental and might change before the final release.

Potential Flaw in Microsoft’s Approach

However, Microsoft’s strategy may have a significant flaw. The company does not hold a monopoly in the internet browser market, and users have alternatives. Many might opt for alternative browsers rather than activating their OS. This means Microsoft’s efforts could go unnoticed by a considerable portion of users, adds NIX Solutions.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments regarding this experiment.