NIXsolutions: Microsoft Fixed Bug in the Edge Browser

The recent stable release of Microsoft’s browser comes with a crucial fix aimed at disabling the automatic import of data from Chrome, resolving an issue identified by users following a routine Windows update last month.

NIX Solutions

Fix for Automatic Data Import

Some users experienced an error post-Windows update, prompting Microsoft to address the issue through a discreet update. The fix involves the disabling of automatic data import from Chrome, which was causing synchronization problems across multiple devices.

Microsoft’s Response and Explanation

Despite inquiries about the bug, Microsoft has consistently refrained from commenting, potentially due to past controversies surrounding its browser promotion tactics. The fix, however, is described by Microsoft as rectifying the synchronization glitch, stating, “Edge has a feature that allows you to import browser data when launching other browsers with the user’s consent. The feature may not have synced and displayed properly on multiple devices. This is fixed.”

Concerns and Industry Response

Microsoft’s browser promotion tactics, likened to spyware-like strategies, have been criticized. Mozilla, the creator of Firefox, commissioned a research paper examining Microsoft’s tactics and their impact on competition. Additionally, some of Microsoft’s practices may face restrictions under the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the EEA, potentially impacting Windows 11 users’ ability to remove Edge and customize web searches, notes NIXsolutions.

In summary, the latest Microsoft Edge update not only addresses a specific bug but also sheds light on ongoing concerns about the company’s browser promotion tactics, prompting scrutiny from both users and industry experts.