NIXsolutions: Microsoft Edge Introduces AI Voice-Over and Dubbing

The Microsoft Edge browser will soon offer voice-over and real-time video dubbing functionality on sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Coursera, and more. As part of the Build conference, which started on May 21 in Seattle (USA), Microsoft announced that a new feature, powered by artificial intelligence, will be able to translate spoken content, providing dubbing and subtitles directly while viewing.

This feature currently supports translation from Spanish to English, as well as translation from English to German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. Edge’s new AI-powered feature is also expected to make videos more accessible to users who are hard of hearing or have hearing loss by offering automatic captioning.

Expanding Real-Time Translation Capabilities

Microsoft said Edge will also support real-time translation of spoken content on news sites such as Reuters, CNBC, and Bloomberg. In the future, the company plans to increase the number of supported sites, as well as expand Edge’s ability to translate more languages. We’ll keep you updated on these exciting developments as they unfold.

The new feature will add to the AI-powered capabilities Edge brings to the browser through its integration with Copilot, notes NIXsolutions. Edge currently supports the ability to summarize the content of YouTube videos, but it does not yet have the ability to generate text summaries for each video because it relies on video transcriptions to create them.