NIXSolutions: Internet Connection Speed Meter is Back to Edge Browser

In recent updates, Microsoft Edge browser has introduced a range of sidebar tools aimed at enhancing user experience. Among these utilities are a calculator, unit converter, timer, stopwatch, and more. However, one notable omission was the Internet connection speed measurement tool, which was removed approximately a year ago. Now, in response to user feedback, Microsoft has reintroduced this feature to the browser.


Reinstating the Internet Speed Measurement Tool:

Early last year, Microsoft announced the removal of the Internet speed measurement tool, citing it as obsolete. However, without providing further explanation, this decision left users without a convenient means to assess their connection speeds. Now, following a reconsideration by the developers, the tool has made a comeback in the beta version of Edge Canary 124, released in March of this year.

How to Use the Internet Speed Measurement Tool:

To access the Internet connection speed measurement function, users can simply click on the toolbar icon located in the sidebar. From there, they should select the “Internet Speed ​​Test” option and initiate the test by clicking the “Start” button. It’s important to note that unlike native browser tools such as the calculator or unit converter, this feature redirects users to Bing, where the interface closely resembles that of Ookla’s speed test tool. This suggests that Microsoft may be utilizing Ookla’s service for this function, as the results obtained through both the browser and the web version of Ookla are nearly identical, notes NIXSolutions.

As Microsoft continues to refine its Edge browser, users can expect further enhancements and updates. We’ll keep you updated on any developments regarding this feature and others within the browser.