NIX Solutions: Google is Testing Infinite Taxonomy – A New Type of Audience

Google Ads is conducting closed beta testing of a new audience type, Infinite Taxonomy Audiences. This is reported by PPC.World.

The new option will expand the reach of special audiences in YouTube and Display campaigns to 50,000+ segments. You can find it in the tips for creating custom audiences.

Infinite Taxonomy Audiences can be used for the same purposes as custom audiences, that is to increase brand awareness, engage users and increase conversions.

These audiences are dynamically updated based on consumer interests and behavioral cues.

Within Infinite Taxonomy Audiences, a new segment is also available: an audience of brand fans.

In order to take part in testing, you need to contact a Google manager.

NIX Solutions reminds that in October it became known that Google was developing a new targeting method, group targeting. It allows you to target ads to groups of users with similar search history and interests, rather than individuals.