NIX Solutions: No More Limits on the Characters Number for Titles

Google has updated the Article markup reference documentation to remove the 110-character limit for titles.

NIX Solutions

If earlier the search engine required that the number of characters in the title of an article not exceed 110 characters, now in the updated version there is only a recommendation not to use too long titles, as they “may be truncated when displayed on some devices,” says SearchEngines.

Thus, webmasters no longer need to worry about the number of characters in the title not exceeding the limit, and there is no need to shorten article titles to the detriment of meaning, the main thing is to focus on how the title of the article will be displayed on the devices of users from which they consume content. Exceeding the limit will no longer be considered an error.

Note that Google has repeatedly said that structured data is not a ranking factor. However, the use of markup significantly affects the presentation of the site in the search, so it is worth it to be included in the list of promotion tools.

NIX Solutions reminds that article markup from 2020 is supported by the Google Rich Results Checker. This type of structured data can be used to mark up news and sports articles and blog posts. You can read more about Article structured data on the Google Developers site.