NIX Solutions: Google is Testing the “Things to know” Feature in a Carousel Format

Google is testing the display of the “Things to know” block on the SERP in a carousel format. Typically, the results of this search extension are designed as a drop-down list, however, the new format, according to SEO-experts, has more advantages for the mobile version of the search.

NIX Solutions

The test was spotted by SEO Analyst Khushal Bherwani who tweeted about it.

Recall that the “Things to know” search extension feature was introduced by Google at the Search On conference last year. It is intended to give the user more information on various aspects of the topic of interest that may be useful, says SearchEngines. The function works on the basis of Google’s own technologies, including MUM (Multitask Unified Model).

NIX Solutions notes that since the spring of this year, “Things to know” blocks have started showing up in searches in English in the US. In them you can find information about what other people are looking for on a given topic, how they respond to a product / service, and what else needs to be taken into account.