NIX Solutions: Google Launches Search Health Monitoring Tool

Google has introduced a new tool that allows you to monitor the status of the search and the correct operation of the main systems that affect it – crawling, indexing and maintenance.

NIX Solutions

Through the Search Status Bar, Google will notify you of all search incidents.

The tool shows the status of key services for the last 7 days. In case of incidents, it will be displayed on the panel for an hour, then information about the solution to the problem will be sequentially updated for the next 12 hours, says SearchEngines.

In addition to the status update, Google will also provide details on the causes and current status of the incident on this page. And also about the possibility of leveling its consequences for users until the problem is resolved.

“We consider the incident resolved when our engineers have made all the necessary changes and put an end to its impact on the system. Although this means that the system itself is now in order, the sites may experience the effects of the incident for some more time until they are re-indexed,” the Search Central blog clarifies.

NIX Solutions adds that you can learn more about how to use the Search Status Bar here. You can subscribe to this RSS feed to be notified of emerging issues.