NIX Solutions: Google Does Not Take into Account Keywords Density

During the latest SEO office-hours webmaster Q&A session, Google spokesperson John Mueller again confirmed that Google search has no concept of optimal keyword density.


Even though Google has stated countless times that webmasters shouldn’t focus on keyword density as it doesn’t matter for search and is not a ranking factor, there are many SEOs who still care about this issue, notes SearchEngines.

John Muller answered it again and at some length:

“No, Google doesn’t have a concept of optimal keyword density. For years, our systems have been pretty good at recognizing what a page is about, even if no keywords are mentioned at all. However, to be completely honest, you should not rely on search engines to guess what your page is about and what queries it should be displayed for.

If your page only says that you are “adding style to architecture” and includes images of some beautiful houses, both users and search engines will not know what exactly you are trying to offer them. If you’re in the house painting business, just say so. If you sell paint, say so. Think about what users might be looking for and use the same terminology when describing your business. This makes your pages easier to find and makes it easier for users to know they’ve found exactly what they’re looking for.”

NIX Solutions adds that you can listen to this excerpt in the video at the 5:59 mark.