NIX Solutions: Google’s Plan to Replace Chrome with Lacros on Chromebooks

Transition to Lacros on Chromebooks

Google’s strategy involves replacing the default Chrome browser in ChromeOS for Chromebooks with Lacros, as reported by AboutChromebooks. The documentation for Lacros mentions its integration in the next version of ChromeOS 116, scheduled to launch by the end of August this year. Notably, the ChromeOS 116 beta already contains numerous references to Lacros.


Streamlining Update Process and Patching

Separating Chrome from ChromeOS and adopting Lacros as the default browser on Chromebooks will enable Google to provide a more efficient update process and simplify patching. Currently, implementing even minor changes in the browser necessitates a full update of ChromeOS. This can pose a significant challenge when swiftly addressing critical Internet browser vulnerabilities.

Lacros: A Linux Version with Wayland Support

Lacros serves as a Linux version of Chrome, enhancing support for the Wayland interface, notes NIX Solutions. Google’s documentation defines Lacros as “Linux And Chrome OS,” ensuring users have a familiar experience akin to the Chrome browser in future versions of ChromeOS. The move is expected to streamline the update process and bolster the browser’s overall performance.