NIX Solutions: Google’s November Core Update Completed

On November 28, 2023, Google completed the rollout of its November Core Update, marking the end of a 25-day and 21-hour deployment period. This update stands out as the longest and most impactful of all previously implemented core algorithm updates, leaving a lasting impression on the search landscape.

NIX Solutions

Initial Volatility and Gradual Stabilization

The November Core Update commenced with a surge of volatility, characterized by rapid fluctuations in search rankings between November 2 and November 15. This initial storm phase gradually subsided, giving way to a period of stabilization.

Unexpected Gains for Emerging Websites

Amidst the ranking shifts, numerous websites experienced unexpected gains in search visibility and traffic. These beneficiaries primarily included small, emerging e-commerce sites, niche service providers, and gaming platforms, along with established websites that had long struggled to break through in search results.

Impact on Website Traffic and Rankings

It’s crucial to acknowledge that while some websites benefited from the update, others faced traffic losses and ranking declines, notes NIX Solutions. The update’s impact varied across industries and website types.

Anticipation of a Respite from Algorithmic Changes

Google’s November Core Update concluded on November 28, 2023, marking the fourth core algorithm update of the year. With the November Reviews Update still ongoing, SEO experts anticipate a respite from Google’s algorithmic changes until the new year.