NIX Solutions: Google On Creating Content for Targeted Keywords

During the most recent webmaster hangout, Google employee John Mueller answered a question about creating content for targeted keywords. In particular, which is better – to create fewer, but more “powerful” pages, optimized for the main keyword, or to create pages for relevant keywords.

NIX Solutions

In general, the question was related to the definition of a content strategy for primary and secondary keywords. It was about an e-commerce site.

According to Mueller, the approach to content depends on the company’s strategy. In principle, both options are acceptable, but if there are fewer pages, then they are still a little “stronger”.

Competition in the subject matter where the company operates is also important. If you have serious competitors for individual queries, it is better to create several “very strong” pages. If the competition is not that high, then there may be more pages.

If a company starts with a small number of pages, then it is important that they are of high quality and “strong” in order to compete successfully in the chosen niche, notes NIX Solutions. Then, over time, it will be possible to increase the number of pages, covering more topics in that niche.

You can use internal links to tell Google which content is more important.