NIX Solutions: Google Provides Grants for Projects to Support Women Entrepreneurs

On International Women’s Day, Google launched its new Impact Challenge initiative to support projects that fight to empower women economically.

As part of this initiative, Google will provide grants to non-profit organizations and social projects that help women achieve success and prosperity: advocate equal access to economic resources, enable entrepreneurship and achieve financial independence, states SearchEngines.

Google will help these projects achieve their goals by providing funding, mentoring, and support.

Selected projects will receive grants in the amount from $300 thousand to $2 million. A total of $25 million was allocated for the initiative.

Applications will be accepted until April 9th. Which organizations have been selected will become known at the end of 2021.

In addition, the Foundation will also provide another $1 million to help underprivileged women in India.

NIX Solutions notes that on the eve of March 8, Google announced the launch of the Become Successful Together with Google initiative. The platform will bring together trainings, educational programs, conferences and courses aimed at supporting women and promoting their career and personal growth.