NIX Solutions: Google Dropped One of Chrome’s New Features

About a year ago, Google started working on a built-in screenshot editor for Chrome, and for the past few months, the feature has already been available in test versions of the application. But just before the release, the company decided to abandon the editor. Now we can only see how the function should have worked.

NIX Solutions

The developers of Chromium Gerrit have removed any mention of a built-in screenshot editing tool from Chrome’s open source code, says 4PDA. According to one of the employees of the search giant, they simply failed to bring the function to mind and “polish” it enough to make the editor available to a wide range of users.

“After a lot of feedback on UX, we have decided that this component is not polished enough and we do not see a way to implement it without a big rework,” wrote Ellie Fong-Jones of Google.

The built-in screenshot editor allowed you to change the shape of the image and leave all sorts of notes on it. It is not clear what exactly did not like the users or employees of Google, notes NIX Solutions. The very same function of creating screenshots will not go anywhere.