NIX Solutions: Google Analytics Update

Google Analytics 4 introduces new default channel groups. This is reported in the Analytics Help.

There are seven new channel groups in total:

  • Organic Shopping;
  • Paid Shopping;
  • Organic Video;
  • Paid Video;
  • Audio;
  • SMS;
  • Mobile Push Notifications.

NIX Solutions

Now traffic from YouTube will be detected in Paid Video or Organic Video. It would be considered a Paid Video, if automatic gclid markup is enabled or utm_medium indicates that traffic is paid., and  Organic Video, if automatic markup is not enabled and utm_medium does not indicate that traffic is paid. Prior to this update, organic traffic from YouTube was driven by Social, while paid traffic was driven by Video, says PPCWorld.

Paid channels now additionally include CPA and CPV. Google Analytics 4 recognizes all media that match the regular expression ^ (. * Cp. * | Ppc | paid. *) $ As paid. The system detects such traffic as Paid Search, Paid Social, Paid Shopping, Paid Video or Paid Other.

Social media traffic tagged with the medium = organic utm tag is now detected in Organic Social. Previously, it was identified in Organic Search.

NIX Solutions reminds that in October, Google Analytics 4 updated its Search Console integration and changed the default attribution model.