NIXSolutions: Google Ads Editor 2.0 Released

The new Google Ads Editor version 2.0 now fully supports Performance Max campaigns, object groups, and product groups.


The first time you launch the Editor, tooltips now appear to introduce new users to important interface elements. These hints can be reviewed at any time by clicking Help > Tutorials > Quick Start for New Users.

Users of the new version of the Editor have access to special actions – operations that can be saved and reused, says SEOnews. Automatic application of special actions is possible using triggers that can be set to the system and which will work when a certain condition is met.

NIXSolutions adds that the Editor now has the ability to download and view object reports for certain types of ads and advertising channels. It is similar to the listing report in Google Ads (Ads & Extensions > Listings > Listing Details). You can also now create and edit shared audiences by linking them to ad and object groups.