NIX Solutions: Google Updated Reporting Spam Form

Google has made significant changes to its search quality report, known as the Search Quality User Report. It has now become a single feedback tool, allowing users to report not only spam, but also paid links, malicious behavior, low-quality sites, and other issues related to the quality of Google’s search results.

NIX Solutions

To provide more detailed information about user complaints, the feedback form has been improved. Users can now select the category and subcategory of the problem they want to report. In the first step, you can only select one main issue category per URL group, however, in the next step, you will be able to select multiple issue types within that category.

If the page the user wants to report has multiple issues from different categories, they can resubmit the form with different categories for the same page.

It is important to note that the system ignores identical reports submitted by the same user to prevent spam.

After submitting the report, the user will receive a confirmation email that will also provide links to external Google resources, including a description of the search quality policy and a forum for personalized support.

The Google Search Central blog notes: “Feedback from users is very valuable to us, it helps us identify where our automated spam detection systems are falling short and is also used to improve our ranking algorithms.”

NIX Solutions reminds that the form for reporting users about spam in Google search results has existed for a long time. However, now it allows you to report not only spam, but also sites that sell links, as well as low-quality or misleading web pages.