NIX Solutions: Google To Test SGE Until December 2023

Last week, Google opened up Search Labs to some users for SGE (Search Generative Experience) testing. This experimental search, which includes generative responses, has generated a lot of discussion among Western experts on Twitter. For those who haven’t gained access to the experiment platform, it’s interesting to know when Google will make SGE available to everyone.

NIX Solutions

The answer is hidden on the Google Labs page

Scrolling through the pages of Google Labs, Barry Schwartz accidentally discovered an indirect answer to this question. It turns out that the SGE experiment will be running before the end of the year, according to information published on

Time allotted for debugging

While generative responses may show up in the main search results earlier than expected, the duration of the experiment suggests the amount of time Google allowed to “debug” SGE.

Need to be patient

Previously, John Mueller opined on Twitter that, in the current state, rolling out SGE to the entire country could be frustrating and therefore patience is required.

Most users will encounter SGE in 2024

NIX Solutions notes that it is likely that the majority of Google users will not be able to use SGE until 2024, when the experiment is completed and search with generative answers becomes available to a wide audience.