NIXsolutions: Google to Disable Cookies in Chrome by Q3 2024

Google is actively working towards phasing out third-party cookies in Google Chrome, with plans to disable them entirely by Q3 2024. As part of this initiative, the company has initiated a trial period for deprecating third-party cookies, allowing websites using cookies for non-advertising purposes to request an extension until December 27, 2024, to opt out.


Key Dates and Impact:

Starting January 4, 2024, 1% of browser users have already lost access to third-party cookies. By the 3rd quarter, access to cookies will be restricted to participants in the end-of-support trial until January 27, 2024. Recognizing the tight timeline, Google is granting approved sites a grace period until April 1, 2024, to implement their tokens.

Cookie Deprecation Trial Activation Conditions:

To activate the cookie deprecation trial, websites must demonstrate critical functionality issues caused by errors on the site or errors resulting from cookie deletion, confirmed by Google. The trial does not apply to sites using cookies for advertising purposes or those without Google-confirmed errors due to cookie cancellation. Websites hosting advertising content are also excluded, notes NIXsolutions.

Purpose of the Trial:

The trial aims to assist websites in managing crashes caused by cookie deletion, emphasizing that it does not facilitate the easier collection of user data.

As Google continues its efforts to enhance user privacy, website owners must navigate the evolving landscape of cookie usage. Stay informed about the cookie deprecation trial and its implications to ensure a seamless online experience for users.