NIX Solutions: Google Simplified Working with Merchant Center

Google has introduced a new solution called Centimani that makes it easier to upload very large product lists to the Merchant Center and avoids API overload.

NIX Solutions

Centimani is a configurable large file processor that can split text files into chunks, process them according to a strategic pattern, and save the results to BigQuery for reporting, says SearchEngines. In the default version, Centimani has two main features:

  • Uploading offline conversions to Google Ads using the Google Ads API;
  • Uploading products to the Merchant Center using the Content API.

Application area

If a merchant is advised to stop using feeds and start using the Content API due to scaling issues, this means that the number of products is huge, and trying to use the Content API directly will lead to errors, since the limits of QPS (queries per second) and products based on one API call.

NIX Solutions notes that for this particular case, Centimani becomes critical in helping merchants better manage the content API download process and avoid API overload.

You can learn more about this solution on the Google Developers blog, as well as the Centimani GitHub repository.