NIXSolutions: Google Promotes Passkey Technology for Secure Sign-Ins

Google is actively promoting Passkey technology, encouraging users to replace traditional passwords with more secure authentication options.

A Secure and Convenient Alternative

Passkey technology offers a more secure and convenient alternative to traditional passwords and SMS verification. Users can replace these with a PIN code or biometric authentication like fingerprints or face scans. Importantly, biometric data remains confidential and isn’t shared with Google or any other entity.


Industry-Wide Adoption Efforts

Google is not alone in its endorsement of Passkeys. Microsoft and Apple, among other companies, also support this technology. While the goal is to make Passkeys the standard for web authorization, traditional passwords are still valid. Users who prefer to stick with passwords can continue accessing their accounts without disruption.

Over the past year, Google has incorporated Passkey support into various products, including Workspace, Cloud accounts, and the Chrome browser, notes NIXSolutions. Additionally, support for access keys is gradually expanding to major web platforms and applications.