NIX Solutions: Google Paid Ethical Hackers $10M in 2023

In 2023, Google continued its commitment to cybersecurity by rewarding ethical hackers who participated in its vulnerability scanning program. Let’s delve into the details of this initiative.

Global Efforts Rewarded:

Google disbursed $10 million in rewards to 632 information security researchers from 68 countries. These researchers diligently scoured various Google products for vulnerabilities, including the Android and Wear OS operating systems.

NIX Solutions

Diverse Contributions:

The program’s scope extended to services based on generative neural networks, such as Gemini. Last year, 35 bugs in this segment were identified, with rewards totaling $87 thousand. Additionally, vulnerabilities in Android and Google hardware products yielded a payout of $3.4 million.

A substantial focus was placed on identifying vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser, with 359 issues discovered over the year. This effort garnered approximately $2.1 million in rewards for the researchers involved.

Continued Growth:

Since its inception in 2010, Google’s program has paid out a total of $59 million to researchers. Last year’s expansion into new product areas underscores Google’s ongoing commitment to security.

Accessing Detailed Information:

For those interested in more comprehensive insights, Google’s blog provides detailed information on the program’s findings and rewards.

By rewarding ethical hackers and expanding its vulnerability scanning program, Google demonstrates its proactive approach to cybersecurity, cocludes NIX Solutions. This initiative not only bolsters the security of its products but also fosters collaboration within the global cybersecurity community.