NIX Solutions: Google Blocked More than 170M Fake Reviews on Maps in 2023

Google continues its relentless battle against spam and fraud on Google Maps and local search, showcasing significant advancements in technology and machine learning in 2023.

Enhanced Review Policies and Removals

In 2023, Google’s upgraded technology led to the blocking or removal of over 170 million reviews that violated company policies—an impressive 45% increase from the previous year. Simultaneously, 12 million fraudulent business profiles were successfully eliminated, underscoring Google’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its platform.

NIX Solutions

Advanced Video Moderation and Fraud Detection

Improved video moderation algorithms and a mechanism for detecting fake phone numbers resulted in the identification of 14 million videos used for fraudulent purposes—an increase of 7 million compared to the prior year.

Protective Measures and Business Profile Security

Google thwarted 2 million attempts by attackers to claim unauthorized ownership of business profiles, marking a one million increase from 2022. Furthermore, the company proactively safeguarded over 123 thousand businesses by taking protective measures after detecting suspicious activities or hacking attempts on their profiles.

Dan Pritchett, Chief Developer of Google Maps, highlighted the introduction of a new machine learning algorithm in 2023, designed to swiftly detect questionable reviews. This algorithm analyzes long-term signals, such as repetitive reviews for multiple businesses or sudden spikes in 1- or 5-star ratings, effectively identifying both individual fake reviews and broader fraudulent schemes, notes NIX Solutions.

A Google spokesperson emphasized their commitment to providing trusted information and combating fake reviews. The company actively collaborates with regulators and the industry to address this crucial issue.