NIXSOLUTIONS: Google Alters Search Results Display

Google’s recent decision to exclude links to cached pages from search results has stirred discussions about the future of accessing saved content. This modification, reported by Search Engine Land and confirmed by Google search service representative Danny Sullivan, highlights a shift in the search giant’s approach.

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Ongoing Availability of Cache Operator:

Despite the change, users can currently utilize the cache operator by appending an expression like “” to their search query. This allows them to retrieve saved pages from a specified site. However, Sullivan notes that this option is also on the verge of disappearance in the foreseeable future.

Impact on “Noarchive” Meta Tag:

Notably, the alteration does not affect the functionality of the “noarchive” meta tag, which prevents search services from caching pages. Google assures that the system will continue to adhere to this directive, emphasizing its importance. Other search engines also recognize and comply with the “noarchive” meta tag.

Potential Shift to Wayback Machine Links:

Sullivan suggests a possible alternative wherein links to pages saved by the Wayback Machine service may replace Google’s cached pages in search results. These links could be integrated into the “About this result” section, providing users with the opportunity to observe changes in a particular page over time. However, this decision rests with higher management, and its implementation is uncertain.

The removal of the cache option in Google search results has implications for users who relied on it to access promptly deleted pages or troubleshoot technical issues. As alternatives are sought, tools like Google Search Console offer a glimpse into how a specific page appears to search robots, notes NIXSOLUTIONS.

In conclusion, Google’s adjustment to exclude links to cached pages prompts users to explore alternative tools for similar functionalities, marking a notable change in the search landscape.