NIX Solutions: Google Launches Full Coverage in SERP

Google has launched the Full Coverage function in search. Previously, it only worked for Google News. Now users will be able to explore different aspects of world events from different points of view without going to News, states SearchEngines.

To view the review, you need to click the “More news on … [topic name]” link under the “Top news” carousel.

After that, the “News” tab will open, and scrolling down the page, you will see the link “View Full Coverage”

This update is currently running on Google Mobile SERP in the US. It is not specified when it will be expanded to other countries of the world.

NIX Solutions reminds that the Full Coverage feature was first introduced at the Google I / O developer conference in 2018. According to Google, this is a 360-degree view of news events and topics, generated in real time. Unlike personalized feeds on other platforms, all users see the same content in this case. The company calls Full Coverage the most powerful feature in the Google News app.