NIX Solutions: Frequent Content Posting is not a Spam Signal to Google

Google’s algorithms consider the volume of published content not only as a spam signal.

As Google spokesman John Mueller tweeted, “Posting frequently does not, in and of itself, make something spam.” Therefore, if one site publishes once a month, and another produces 100 units of new content per day, this does not mean that Google considers the second site as spam.

NIX Solutions

“Posting something every day is fine as long as there are new and relevant things to report every day. But if you don’t have anything to write every day, don’t force yourself to do it,” Muller advised.

These words were addressed by a Google representative to a Romanian LED service site, which began to publish new articles on its blog daily, rapidly improved its positions, and suddenly got scared that Google would consider it spam, notes SearchEngines.

It should be said that a few years ago, webmasters had the opposite concerns – they were worried that they did not publish content on their resources often enough and therefore lose out to competitors in search. Then John Mueller also reassured everyone by saying that the frequency of publishing content is not a ranking signal.

Only the presence of unique and high-quality content increases the chances of getting higher positions in the search results. And just because a site creates 10 new pages a day and a competitor creates one a week doesn’t give it an advantage for the same keywords.

NIX Solutions reminds that Google has completed a long rollout of the latest algorithm updates targeting junk content and spam links.