NIX Solutions: Can Googlebot Crawl Infinite Scroll Pages?

During the latest webmaster hangout, Google employee John Mueller answered a question about whether Google could crawl pages with infinite scrolling.

NIX Solutions

Google has limits on how much infinite scrolling it can handle, says SearchEngines. Googlebot can render all or most of the page:

When we render the page, we use a fairly high viewport, as if we had a very long screen. And we render the page to see what it will show.

This usually causes some amount of infinite scrolling in whatever JavaScript methods you use to trigger it. And whatever is uploaded there, it will be something that we can index. So, depending on how you implement infinite scrolling, it could be that we have this long page in the index,” Mueller explained.

At the same time, Googlebot cannot always process the entire page. It depends on its length and how infinite scroll is implemented, notes NIX Solutions.

The best way to find out how much of a page Google is able to crawl is to use the URL Inspection tool. It renders the page the way Google sees it. With this information, you can figure out what changes are needed.