NIX Solutions: Does Improving Core Web Vitals Help Google Rankings Now?

Some webmasters and site owners have noticed that after improving Core Web Vitals, the position of their Internet resources in Google search results has clearly upswinged.

NIX Solutions

Against this backdrop, many industry experts felt that Google could begin testing a new Page Experience ranking signal that includes Core Web Vitals, says Internet-Technologies.

However, the spokesman for the search engine Google Martin Splitt has denied such assumptions.

When asked about a possible test or pre-launch of the Page Experience ranking signal, Martin Splitt recalled that page speed has been a really important ranking factor for quite some time.

Thus, the most likely reason for the improvement in the position of some Internet resources in Google search results could be such a ranking factor as loading speed, but this may not be the only reason.

As for the new Page Experience ranking signal, at the moment, it has not been launched in any form and cannot influence the formation of Google search results.

In this regard, NIX Solutions reminds that the launch of the new Google Page Experience ranking signal is scheduled for June this year. And its full-scale introduction into the work of the world’s leading search engine will take place in August.

Also, do not forget that in addition to Core Web Vitals, Google takes into account existing search signals when analyzing the usability of a web page. In particular, such as optimized for mobile devices, safe browsing, the use of secure HTTPS, and compliance with the rules applied to intrusive interstitial ads.