NIX Solutions reports: Chrome for Android Will Mark Fast Pages

Google announced that the Chrome browser will start highlighting pages with good user experience on the web. The first step is to add a “quick page” shortcut to the menu for links in the Android version of Chrome. This change will come into in Chrome 85 Beta, states SearchEngines.

The new annotations will be based on the Core Web Vitals user experience signals, which track such aspects: loading time and content interactivity, loading stability.

Now, when long-clicking on a link before visiting a page, users will see the “quick page” mark if it meets Google standards. This shortcut will be displayed if the user has the “Help improve browsing and search” setting or simplified mode enabled.

NIX Solutions reminds that Google named three core user experience metrics, “Core Web Vitals,” in May. The company later announced that it will be part of a new Page Experience ranking signal expected to launch in 2021.

At the same time, today most sites have low indicators for these metrics. This is evidenced by the results of the Screaming Frog study.