NIXSolutions: Arc Browser for Windows Final Release

The Browser Company, the developer behind the Arc browser, has unveiled the long-awaited final version of its web browser for Windows. Here’s an overview of the release, its features, and what’s in store for the future.


Initially launched in preview mode for Windows last December, the browser has garnered significant attention, with over 150,000 users already on board. With recent investments totaling $50 million, valuing the startup at $550 million, the Arc browser is now accessible to all Windows users without any waiting list. Previously, over a million users had registered their interest in the browser.

Swift Development and Feature Parity

Built in Swift, the same language as its macOS counterpart, Arc for Windows benefits from codebase sharing, ensuring feature parity across platforms. This move not only streamlines development but also facilitates collaboration within the developer community.

Feature Highlights and Limitations

Retaining key features from the macOS version, such as a sidebar for frequently visited pages and picture-in-picture support, Arc for Windows introduces new functionalities like the Peek feature and touch screen support. However, certain features, such as the Little Arc floating browser window, are notably absent in the Windows version. Additionally, the availability of AI-driven functions remains unconfirmed.

While currently compatible only with Windows 11, efforts are underway to support Windows 10. The company aims to eventually bring all macOS features to Windows, although no specific timeline has been provided, notes NIXSolutions. Furthermore, plans for an Arc Search app for Android are in the pipeline.

In conclusion, the release of Arc Browser for Windows marks a significant milestone for The Browser Company. As development continues, we’ll keep you updated on new features and enhancements.