NIX Solutions: Apple Improves Safari Performance with Speedometer 3.0 Update

A month ago, Apple, Google, and Firefox developers introduced an update to the Speedometer browser test, unveiling version 3.0. This update has since been announced by Apple to have substantially boosted the performance of its proprietary WebKit web engine and the Safari browser based on it.

NIX Solutions

60% Performance Boost in Safari

According to an announcement on Apple’s website, the implementation of Speedometer 3.0 marks a pivotal milestone in accelerating the internet. Apple’s WebKit team reports a remarkable achievement: between the release of Safari 17.0 in September and Safari 17.4 in March, they managed to elevate Safari’s Speedometer 3.0 score by approximately 60%. This substantial improvement is expected to empower developers to design websites faster than ever before.

Incremental Progress for Impressive Results

Apple developers clarify that this 60% progress was not achieved overnight. Rather, it was the outcome of numerous incremental improvements, many of which resulted in enhancements of less than 1%. However, when combined, these tweaks produced impressive results. NIX Solutions adds that certain optimization efforts also positively impacted Speedometer 2.1, leading to a 13% speed increase in Safari 17.4 compared to Safari 17.0.

In-Depth Insights for Developers

For those seeking further details, the Apple blog provides comprehensive information on this topic, particularly useful for developers looking to leverage these enhancements.

We’ll keep you updated with any further developments.