NIXsolutions: Google Completes Mobile-First Indexing Transition

With the transition to mobile-first indexing, Google is disabling information about the search crawler on the settings page in Search Console. This information is no longer needed as all sites running on mobile devices are now crawled using a mobile scanner.


Challenges for Non-Mobile-Compatible Sites

According to Google, there are still a small number of sites “that do not work at all on mobile devices.” They simply don’t load on smartphones, and Google will continue to try to index them using the outdated Googlebot for desktops.

Transition History

Let us recall that Google first announced the upcoming transition to mobile-first indexing in November 2016. Since July 2019, this type of indexing is enabled by default for all new sites.

At first, the search engine was going to transfer all sites to mobile-first indexing in September 2020, then postponed the final transition to March 2021. However, after analyzing the sites that had not yet been translated, it became clear that many of them were not ready for the switch for various reasons. Due to these difficulties, Google decided not to set specific deadlines anymore and left the deadline open.

NIXsolutions reminds that in May of this year, John Mueller already reported that Google had transferred the last group of sites to mobile-first indexing, now this has been officially confirmed and will be accompanied by changes in Search Console.